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OAuth 2 flows: Resource Owner Credentials flow

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This type of flow is used when Resource Owner trusts the Client. Client might be mobile application, desktop application or browser application communicating with Web server. Device where Client is installed is trusted as well so user name and password can be stored on this device. In this flow Resource Owner enters user name and password in the UI provided by Client. Then Client sends POST request to Authorization server. The request contains entered user name and password.

Resource Owner Credentials Flow-1

Authorization Server responds with access_token and refresh_token.

Resource Owner Credentials Flow-2

access_token is included in each request that Client sends to Resource Server.

Resource Owner Credentials Flow-3

When access_token is expired Client can repeat this procedure, i.e. send user name and password and collect new access token or it can use refresh_token. Ideally Client should not store user credentials. Instead it should ask for user credentials once, collect refresh_token and then use it forever to obtain new refresh_token. access_token and refresh_token might be stored on a device.


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December 3, 2015 at 2:51 am

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