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Ext JS – modern framework for creating RIA

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Modern web application has long ceased to be a set of HTML pages, when interaction is reduced to a simple processing on the server. The growing popularity of RIA requires an infrastructure that allows to program complex logic on the client. In connection with this trend towards the creation of JavaScript frameworks that provide a framework for application design in accordance with such well-known patterns like MVC and MVVM.
Ext JS is one of the popular frameworks for building Web applications that look and behave like traditional desktop application. Typically, such an application is a single HTML page container that contains a hierarchy of widgets. A server role is reduced to the processing of AJAX requests and implement the business logic that can be realized only on the server.
To illustrate the above, consider an example using Ext JS. Suppose we are developing a project management application. The basic application abstraction is a task that has the following attributes.

  • Project which is a container of task
  • Description
  • Status (Not Started,In Progress,Closed)
  • Estimation (man hours)
  • Progress (percentage of completion)

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December 16, 2011 at 5:14 am

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